Is it possible to restrict users from creating channels folders, and files within teams?


Since there is a known syncing issue between teams and sharepoint. It probably is not a good idea to use teams for file management.


Do you know if it possible to restrict users from creating channels folders, and files within teams?

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You can restrict channel creation both on a tenant level and on a per teams basis ( restrict members)
Regarding files you have to set custom SharePoint permissions on the different libraries




As a Team owner you can prevent Team members from creating channels under Manage Teams ... Settings ... Member Settings.


You can't prevent people uploading files through Teams however you could if you go into SharePoint and change permissions there. 

So, since there is no way to restrict file or folder creation within teams, sync issues may still arise????@Steven Collier .


We will still want users to be able to create files & folders within Sharepoint.



All files are stored in SharePoint, I am not familiar with the sync issue  - is it just the view of the SharePoint documents in Teams. not refreshing? 


You can remove permissions to the underlying default "Documents" so all your users could not add files into that document library. As long as new channels weren't created that would work. 


If you then create further document libraries in the underlying SharePoint site and tab in those document libraries that would work. 

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Since the files you upload to a channel in Teams are stored in the underlying SharePoint site, you will have to workaround this in order for it to "work" like you want. 


1: Edit the permissions on the channel libraries in Teams so the users cant create new items


2: Create other libraries directly in the SharePoint site and give the users permissions there 


Allthough, you should probably skip step two and just get a Non-Office365 group connected SharePoint site for storing files then. 


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@adam deltinger How to restrict channel creation on a tenant level?

@Mina_Medhat Hello, have a look here as it's where you turn off private channel creation Manage teams policies in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


I'm afraid I can't verify myself right now..


This is also for private channels just to put it out there New-CsTeamsChannelsPolicy (SkypeForBusiness) | Microsoft Docs


As for the standard channels the Set-Team cmdlet can at least be used.


"Setting that determines whether or not members (and not just owners) are allowed to create channels."


@adam deltinger standard channel at tenant level?



I needed to restrict file uploads in channels because I didn't want fragmentet information and documents created the wrong places. So I closed the restriction in the channels by "starting" folders in all channels, and then restricting access to them in sharepoint. In that way I only allowed team owners to access this folders and not the members. Only leaving the file-structure in General open for adding files for members. 

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