Is it possible to create a Teams webpart and display it on project SharePoint site?

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I'm curious to see if its possible to create a webpart to display a teams conversation on a SharePoint project site?


Rational is although I think Teams is a fantastic tool I'm not sure everyone within the organisation will adopt it as readily.  My issue is I don't want people to miss out due to personal preference and the ability to display the conversations within a project page means its less likely to happen.


I've linked existing lists, planners and document libraries to the Teams project channel, focussing on those working primarily within teams don't miss out but I cant see howw to display the Teams conversations withing the project site.  


I know you can set up standard discussion within SharePoint but that doesn't link up with Teams as far as I'm aware.


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Why would you want to implement Teams as a web part? Just a link on a page to gets you to the full app within the browser.


If you implemented all of this within a web part then things would become squashed into a smaller space than needed. From within the Teams browser based app there are links back to SharePoint. Adding something like a global navigation to the Teams app would of course be nice for the UX.


Are you looking to redevelop the teams app (or part of it) yourself?


Personally, i would accept the shortcomings of Teams and start addopting the soluiton or wait until you find the app acceptible.



Thanks for the prompt reply.


Its just the conversation tab from a Team i'm looking to intergrate as a webpart, so that those that don't like the look and feel of Teams don't miss out on the conversation aspect.  Ive linked all the document libraries, and relevent lists to team sites so those that want to immerse themselfs there can.


Of course there is the option to take a hard stance and say like it or lump it, but when we first adopted Yammer a few years ago it had quite a split as half the staff used it and the other half didn't.  Resulting in a split, and duplication of information.

I would probably keep an eye on the Microsoft Teams developer platform:


But at the moment I don't think what you are looking for is available yet.

You could develop a SPFx WebPart that uses Microsoft Graph to get data from Teams

@Pieter Veenstra and @Juan Carlos González Martín


FYI, my team has built a SPFx WebPart which taps the MS Graph (beta) and dynmically lists all the Teams to which the connected user has access, similar to what the Site Directory WebPart does.

We had to use the beta Graph to get the Teams data. 


A click on a Teams Name will bring you directly to the General Channel of that team, and potentially open the app is installed. Works equally well on PCs and SmartPhones / Tablets.


Extremely useful as it bridges SharePoint as a communication tool and Teams as the collaboration tool... Creates this single entry point that every one is looking for.





We have a requirement to embed conversations in a modern page (mainly because the client insists so I'm having to advise Yammer for now)

I would like it for the following reasons

  • Leaving the SP pages means leaving an established/agreed navigation structure
  • How to fit within an information architecture 
  • There are shortcomings in MS Teams that could be avoided within SP 

Rendering could easily be managed with a decent modern webpart, it works for twitter, Yammer(ish), Facebook all on small footprints

I think Teams is great btw. I just wish SharePoint wasn't become a building block for it for little purpose, it's an inflexible approach

As I understand this is something that a lot of people are asking for.  Not the full functionality of teams (like an iFrame) but the ability to push a focused conversation thread to a SharePoint page (much like a Yammer feed).

There is a user voice feed here that you can add your thoughts to  

@Jean-François Saint-PierreI'm very curious how you made that webpart to show the list of Teams the user has access to. Can you give me some more information?

Hi @MartinvanderHarst, got to know that you were looking for listing all MS Teams of a particular user in SharePoint.

Check out this link :

Hope this will help you out.

This post from May shows a nice looking My Workspaces web part with Teams and SharePoint content. Has anyone seen any other references to this web part or is it custom code? @Brad McCabe 


@Pieter Veenstra 
If you want your staff to adopt MS Teams more and also promote content from Teams to other channels then a MS Team webpart on a sharepoint Intranet makes perfect sense.
Then once Teams is Adopted then having sharepoint pages in you MS Teams can be adopted.

@daveclarkeyThe My Workspaces and Policies I Must Read web parts you see in this screenshot are web parts that come with the Wizdom Intranet solution for SharePoint Online -

We have created this web part, free trial available if you want to check it out. I can arrange a demo as well if necessary.

My customers wanted this so I built it.

Sorry if this message is deemed inappropriate.



This is highly needed for K-6 students. Second grader navigating Teams?

Comprehensive intranet site would do wonders.

Once again, Teams. Education is at best an afterthought. I'm glad I teach seniors. I pity the elementary school teachers.