Is it possible to automatically forward messages from one Teams Account to another?

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I am an administrator and teacher at my school, so I have an administrator email account that I do most of my work through, but in order to "create teams" I have to go through my "teacher email account".   Also, some teachers accidentally email me to the teacher account when I primarily use my admin account.  Is there a way to "forward" my teacher email Teams account messages automatically to my admin email account messages (kind of like call forwarding on a phone) or is there some other fix you can think of?

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Hi @MaryEMassey ,

the "straight all messages forwarding mode" doesnt work.

The only option I can deliver you is to forward the emails you receive from teams ( when you are not online with this instruction:

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Thank you @Schnittlauch I will go see what is all about.  I appreciate you replying so quickly!  :) Mary

You're welcome, if you find a better solution please let us know it ;D

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For now this is the best fix. If something comes up, I will let you know. :)
@MaryEMassey you can use PowerAutomate to trigger when a message is received and automatically pass it onto another user. In an automated workflow, I think you can only monitor teams channel messages and not private messages. If you use a manually triggered one you can get your messages and filter by the last X days and then forward them on perhaps?