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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Is it possible for users outside the organization to be able to start a meeting without the owner?

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I mean, I am going to invite people outside my organization to a meeting, but I cannot be present to let them join the meeting


Is this possible today with Microsoft Teams?

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But, you describe it for dial-in conferencing meetings situations, I understand it is for audio conferences (used with a mobile phone), does it work exactly for traditional Microsoft Teams meetings (with Teams client) ?
If you click on the link "meeting options" which is present in your invitation you will be directed to a web page where you can control "who, when and what".
@nlundqvist this feature is not configurable from this section, please note that it is not about the lobby "it is about starting a meeting without the creator".
Have you ever performed this test?


@gtorres I have tried it out. Letting everybody bypass the lobby lets anyone start the meeting.

Exerpt...if global settings in the tenant are to "narrow" dial in systems, i.e conferencing systems that are external might not be able to "auto" join/start.
I will test it and let you know tomorrow.
thank you very much for your help
@Vasil Michev
Thank you very much for the information anyway you were right, I should have enabled this feature: Let anonymous people start a meeting (preferably in a new Meeting policy- and assigning this new one so as not to modify everyone's Global) likewise leave "open lobby for everyone".
This way, users outside the organization can "start" the meeting without the need of the organizer or another user in the organization (from the tenat where the invitation came from).