Is Combining Shared Calling with Ext Dialling supported?

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Scenario is a migration from a legacy PBX with a large number of extensions to Teams Direct Routing.


Would like to leverage the benefits of shared calling but at the same time during the staged migration, would also like users calling from the legacy PBX to be able to direct dial the extension of a migrated user to Teams shared calling, without having to go via the Auto Attendant of the Shared Calling User in Teams.


I setup a lab with the following:

Teams Direct Routing SBC

Legacy PBX

Shared calling, with a main Auto Attendant.  


I assigned the shared calling policy etc to a user, but instead of configuring the user with just an extension, I assigned the shared calling user with <main Auto Attendant DDI>;EXT=XXXX in Teams and AD 


 If a PBX extension dials a shared calling user by extension only, call is sent to SBC, and the SBC prefixes or translates the called number to <main Auto Attendant DDI>;EXT=XXXX and sends call to Teams. This works ok. 


If an external user dials the Main AA DDI and then selects dial by extension, and enters the XXXX extension, it also seems to work. 


Is this supported? I was under the impression shared calling was restricted to only have an extension configured for shared calling users.... 

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