Is anyone experiencing difficulty in MS teams today.. Details in message.

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hello. Is anyone experiencing difficulties with creating teams as button seems to have changed, or searching a public team with in your organisation, changing team roles from member to owner and editing documents today (14/06/2018). Any advice would be appreciated. TIA

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Only things I've experienced has been not able to leave a Team in Teams. And heard some issues with excel doc's editing in Teams causes some issues.
Yep we're having issues too; - Can't add members to existing Teams - Can't change roles for existing members/owners of a Team - Can't auth. against the Microsoft Flow Teams connector (which has broken some of our flows). Is there a current reported service disruption which could be causing these issues?
I can see an advisory in one of my tenants, but it's not related to the problems you have described

We are having problems with Microsoft team no loading.

The error message just states something is wrong try again or signout and sign back in.

Tried restarting and also tried signing out and back in. In addition to rebooting but was still Teams would not load successfully.

Yes, I'm in Guatemala, Central America. I'm having issues with getting Teams open. Several users with the same issue. Same problem with the app and web based Teams.