is a sip.Domain Cert required for Teams Telephony?

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We migrated from Skype for Business OnPrem to Teams direct routing for Telephony last year. Today, I got an email from our security team, asking if the sip.domain cert was still required and if so can I generate a CSR for them to renew it as it's about to expire.

I don't recall applying this cert anywhere in our Teams config, though we do still have entries in DNS for sip.domain both in internal and external DNS and _sip._tls in external DNS which all point to

Can anyone advise if the sip.domain cert is still required for Teams? - my assumption is that this was something that was purchased for Skype for Business (which predates me here).



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@Dale_LTU If you no longer have a Lync Edge server there isn't anywhere that would house a certificate. All the Teams capabilities are using Microsoft's own certificates.

Thanks @Steven Collier

That's what I thought, I just wanted to double check I wasn't missing something before I told them not to renew it.