Is a co-worker outside my Team able to find document (Excel, word, etc) saved in my private team?

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It just happened to me that I received a request from someone in my company to access my private team's document (excel). How could he/she find the document? I had been assuming any of documents and files are invisible for ANY ONE outside my Team, but it was probably wrong?? (the requesting email came from I would appreciate any comments!


Thank you.

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You shouldn’t be able too. But what usually happens is someone sent a person a link to a file in the team via chat and that person. Don’t have access so you would get an access request for it. That’s usually the case when this props up.

@Chris Webb  Thanks so much for your reply. As you mentioned, if I understood correctly, if someone of my Team tries to share a file with a person outside of my team it makes sense. But no one of my Team intends to share a file or invite anyone else.  So i have no idea how the person could know there is a file which might interest him/her. Anyway this time I declined the request so I will never know who it was and how they found (which I little bit regret about.. ) . One possibility only I can think is the file tab in MS teams is linked into Sharepoint folder (right?) so he/she might found the file there.  While I don't want to do so but maybe the Sherepoint folder is accessible from any one in my company.  (really not sure it can be so or not..)  

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It should not be. Private Teams were supposed to be discoverable at some point but I don’t think that has gone live just yet. Was the request from teams or sharepoint? You should be able to look at the history and see who it was asking. Ask that user how.
That’s what I was guessing too. Now I am pretty sure of that. Thank you so much for your advice! Next I’ll try to find out the history of SharePoint as you suggest. Thank you so much again!