iPhone Siri announce calls issue. Announce repeats over and over

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Using iPhone 12 on 16.0 and

MS teams version 4.16.1

Build: (general)

Calling Version : 2022.30.01.1

Release Branch : 2022Aug-T2


if I enable Siri announce and call to my Teams number the call gets announced by Siri but it repeats over and over. Eventually it stops. If I call my iPhones cell phone the call gets announced normally. 

The teams chat announcement come in clear and Siri has no issues saying the message, it’s only iPhones.

on Wi-Fi only iPad with the same versions, this incoming call feature works with no issues. The incoming call gets announced once. 

I record a video, it’ll just take a while to upload. 

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@Rc_08 indeed I also experience this issue. Only applicable to Teams calls.

@Rob Gijsberts 

Find any fix for this?  My iPhone started recently a behavior as follows on incoming call from external caller:

Announces caller name normally if known

Then Starts speaking gibberish like "i" "i" "i" "i" "eee"  "eee" "i" ... until I answer it or reject it.


Tried various settings on iPhone involving Siri, but nothing helps.


@Ray Gay 


Of course not!! This is Teams and Microsoft after all. I've submitted feedback multiple times and this post got 0 response from anyone with Microsoft. I still have the feature enabled since it's funny to hear it glitch. I tell everyone it has been an issue since we moved all our calls to Teams. 

Has this item been escalated? Is there any open issue investigation?

@Ray Gay this is happening to me too...