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For my facility we are attempting to use one account across multiple iPads just for teams calls. I've found that I can use the single account to make multiple simultaneous video calls without an issue, but the catch is that there is a banner across the top asking if I want to join another call currently in session. Is there a way to turn off this banner? I have all notifications turned off as these iPads won't be receiving calls or messages, but the banner still shows up.

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@TawasTechie no setting that I know of. I would also suggest consulting your licensing terms as you are very unlikely to be allowed to have multiple people sharing one account, it's explicitly forbidden so you aren't likely to find ways to work around it.

Another way to look at it is if I use the Teams app on my iPhone to make a call, but also have Teams open on either my iPad or laptop, there is a banner across the top that asks if I want to join or merge devices with the call. This banner is causing issues with staff members and we would like it gone.