iOS Teams transfer not working

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Transferring a call that was answered through the Teams iOS app (User 1) places the call on hold and never transfers the call to the recipient (User 2). The app on User 1's phone shows "Transferring to User 2", User 2 is put on hold, and the transfer never begins. After the failure, the call is unable to be disconnected and the app needs to be force closed.


I created a ticket last week and was told by the MS support tech that there are no troubleshooting steps available and they closed the ticket. We have been using Teams for phone for over a year now and the transfer has always worked until about a week and a half ago. Nothing changed within the configuration and it is happening company-wide. Any help or other occurrences would be appreciated.

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@vadducci It's regrettable that you're having these issues.  Let me see if one of the Teams experts can assist - @Linus Cansby , @Steven Collier @Brian Ricks @Graham Walsh ?



Was there any resolution to this? I am seeing the same issues

I will not be hearing anything back from Microsoft. They told me to post it here because they do not have a support queue for the mobile apps. They closed the ticket and said to check the forum. @mark_livingbridge 

any article related to limitations for Teams App on iOS

@Therese_Solimeno I'm having the same issue since the last update.