iOS mobile app - option to dial not always present (recurring meeting)

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I am often located where cell and Wi-Fi service is very poor so I always like to dial-in, and I like the convenience of doing so using the Teams for iOS app (so I don't have to put in the call number and conference number). 


About 70% of the time the app gives me the option to Dial and this works great: I click the little down-arrow and select to Dial in.


However the other 30% of the time when I click Join it goes directly VoIP and the iOS Teams app is not giving me the option to Dial. I'm joined to the meeting but inevitably the VoIP fails the iOS app asks me if I want to dial. I do this and eventually I'm rejoined to the call. I usually miss about two minutes of the meeting when this happens so it is not ideal.


Any idea if there is a setting or something I can do differently? I really like using the app and don't want to put in the call number and conference number every time. 



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Hey @littleburkebob

Hey, I learnt something new this evening. This looks like a bug.

I tested it tonight and can confirm I replicated it. I was seeing that on some of the meetings dial in appeared and some it didn't. But guess what - if you select cancel (x) on the top left and do it again, maybe 3 or 4 times on one that does not show dial in, then it will appear.

So keep doing it. I raised it on the bugs site

I will also raise with the engineering team

Best, Chris