Inviting guests was working - now it's not


We enabled Teams guest access in April, tested it, and rolled it out to team owners.


Last week we discovered we could no longer invite guests. The Add Members dialog box shows the pre-guest-access "We didn't find any matches" message when an external email is entered. We also can't add an existing guest to another team - the error messages "We couldn't add member...We ran into an issue. Please try again later" show. Similar results for public or private teams in Windows, Mac, web, iOS and Android.


Any clues? We checked all the settings. None of the guest access troubleshooting guide's scenarios were relevant. We're a nonprofit enterprise tenant. Everything else seems to be well as ever.

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Have you checked to make sure you may have received the new Teams Admin center? Might need to check the policies there something could have been overwrote possibly! It should be accessible here if you have it pushed to your tenant:

Thanks, @Deleted. I'm checking with my admin teammate who has access to that.


I see a similar issue began mid-month in another thread.

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I don't know if we have access to the new Admin Center yet, but the solution was to turn guest access off temporarily and then re-enable it. Maybe something got lost in the transition to the new Admin Center?


@John Egleston 

We also got the external guest error "we ran into an issue" when adding a person to Microsoft Teams.

We found a different solution that may be useful to other readers of this post.


Situation : Had a project using a Microsoft Team, external consultants were added to the project using their email addresses e.g.

Some months later a new project was started with the same real people but the consulting company had been bought out so now Bob's email address became e.g.


Trying to add to the new project Teams site gave the "we ran into an issue" adding a guest error.


In Azure AD we searched for Bob McLastname and found


When we deleted from Azure AD we were then able to add him to the new project team without error using