Invitees from outside the organization keeps dropping off

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Meeting Participants who are dialing using the toll-free number and entering the conference ID #, drops off after a certain time. Unlike invitees within the organization who has Microsoft teams and just click on "Join" to enter.

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If it is an error that comes back for the same toll free number I would suggest reporting it to Microsoft Support. I've seen issues when users from the same company was disconnected when dialling in to Teams conferences and that time it was their carrier that had problems.

So is it when different users from different carriers calling the same toll-free number, then it could be some issues with the Microsoft service. If it is the same user calling to different dial-in number (or the same one), it could be related to that user carrier or phone.

When dialling into a conference using a conference using a phone number, that is more sensitive since a phone call will disconnect if there are any issues like bad reception on a mobile phone. When joining a meeting using Teams client (even from mobile phone app) bad connection might not disconnect you, instead Teams will try to reconnect and wait for a better data connection a while before disconnecting.