Invite Outlook appointment recipients to a Team

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I am the recipient of an Outlook appointment in Office 365.


The attendee list includes some ccs and some contact lists. But all are within my organisation.


I would like to invite the entire invite list to a private Team, but copying from the Outlook invite and pasting into the Teams invite form doesn't work.


Is there a way to do this? I don't mind doing a bit of work in Excel to get the list in the right format if that's the only way.



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Just to add: solution needs to work with the browser version of Teams, not the app.
Only way is creating a Distribution list in Exchange to use. otherwise your only real option to bulk load from a list is via powershell from an excel file.
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Thank you @Deleted - unfortunately I'm not an administrator, so can't do the Powershell import, and can't create distribution lists - I tried using a contact group but that didn't show up when I started typing the group name.


I think the easiest workaround is going to be to create an invite code as it'll be simple to email that to all the original appointment reciepients.


Thanks for your help.

Yeah that’s a good use for it ;). Just realized that finally released.