Invite an participant to an meeting without chat history

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we have often 1-2-1 teams meetings.

sometimes we need to invite an 3th participant.

but the 3th participant can also read the chat history.

also when we forget to remove him from the meeting he can also participate the next time.

The meeting shows up in the chat window of teams.


is there a solution to invite participants without any chat history and after the meeting is ended automatically remove them? 

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@Boxdoy At this time it isn't possible to delete a chat but it's on the backlog at least Vote on it to stay updated when status changes.


What you would have to do now as far as I know is to delete your own messages which isn't the most handy approach.


One thing you can do about the other issue is to "end the meeting" for everyone when it's over in combination with a lobby settings that fit your needs, for example "only you" can bypass the lobby. Meaning you'd have to let the participants in when the next meeting starts so they don't automatically enter


@bec064 thanks you for the quick response.

when i choose for end meeting the chat is still available for all the participants.


@Boxdoy Yes, in that scenario you would need to manually remove the individual I suppose. Haven't tried if the chat is still available for them though (as it is when one choose to leave).




If no luck perhaps it's better to have the "sensitive chat content" in a separate Window.

Even removing them from the chat only prevents future messages from showing up. Currently there is no way to just have a meeting with no chat or removing chat from the time they are on the call and have that same call be reused.

What you can do is utilize meet now and invite then into the meeting. You don't want to have a call from an existing chat and invite them into it as they will be able to see the chat. If you invite to the chat first, you can specify what they see, then call them, that can be an option as well, but you will have to remember to remove them from the chat after the call happens. Your best bet might be to make a chat with the individuals only and then give it a name, and only use that chat going forward, if oyu invite the same people the chat history will pop back up, but if you create a new chat with new individuals it will not and so forth.

@Chris Webb See this conversation started by Chris Hoard and the reply from Laurie Pottmeyer


When I voted for the named UserVoice it was only like 2-3 votes. It still needs to be pushed up though, but feels reassuring that the product team are aware of it.


@Boxdoy In other words you have a couple of options as mentioned above but I understand it isn't optimal right now.


@Boxdoy Hi, just want to send a heads up about adding a third person to the chat.


As mentioned you have a couple of configuration options and you have this as well when adding a user to the chat.



thanks for all the answers. it's clear now.
i hope the feature is coming soon to Teams. i've voted to on the uservoice topic.