Introducing custom registration pages for Microsoft Teams meetings


Microsoft is introducing yet another feature to the Microsoft Teams that will allow meeting organizers to create a custom registration page for any meeting (although the feature is designed for webinars). This feature will be available for meeting organizers using Microsoft Teams desktop applications (Windows/Mac) as well as Teams on the web.


Adding a custom attendee registration page to any meeting will help to manage attendance before and after any meeting. After registration, attendees will receive an email confirmation with calendar invite.


Release Timeline:

Microsoft will roll out this feature in early March and it is expected to be complete by early April 2021.


Check this article for more information: Introducing custom registration pages for Microsoft Teams meetings 

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Very useful feature, but would be better if you can specify, for some use cases, a central registration list

If I choose the option 3 below and change the current policy. How do I give a select users? Is this manage thru a security group? Can you please provide step by step.

1.Turn off registration for the entire tenant
2.urn off registration for external attendees, the For everyone option
3. Give select users the ability to create a registration page that supports external attendees. All other users would be able create a registration page for people inside the tenant.
MS road map for this

thank you

I've been playing around with setting up a webinar in Teams, and was wondering: is it possible to create a custom registration confirmation email, similar to how WebEx Events is designed? 


Also, can you setup a Teams webinar to automatically send a follow up email to everyone, and design custom follow up emails for those who did/did not attend?


Thank you.

@ganeshsanap do you know if the custom reg pages can have a capacity on meeting? And if we can run reports on q/a? i am trying to find a registration solution for onsite events at our facilities so I dont have to use a third party registration system or build access.


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Where can we find information about where the collected meeting registration data is stored and managed. This contains personal data and must comply with GDPR regulations.