Internal url's not recognized

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Trying to setup a Teams channel for software dev below our general company channel, I wanted to add a "Website" Component to the new channel. 


Unfortunately Teams does not identify correctly internal urls. Ex for the JIRA server : "http://servername:8840/issues/" is not recognized, meaning I cannot click save.



If possible, ideal url to accept would be more like :



Any way to bypass this irrelevant restriction on urls ?



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Give it a try to the Add-PnPTeamsTab cmdlet from PnP community project: tried and I could add a site with a tcp port on it




@Andres Gorzelany Thanks for having a look at this. After looking into it and trying to understand,  ended up installing PnP.PowerShell and run the command. But it needs to be logged in ...


Login-in : bad luck "The user or administrator has not consented to use the application with ID '31359c7f-bd7e-475c-86db-fdb8c937548e' named 'PnP Management Shell'."


I guess I need support of the IT admin but I doubt he will activate it just for that ... Any other way ? I find it very sad that "informational hints" supposed to help end up blocking legit use.

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Yes, sorry, I thought you were Administrator of the Tenant.
I dug more on this, and it seems Teams is complaining that the site is not https
Good catch, with https it accepts the link. Thought it was only a recommendation and did not checked this, sorry.

However, https is not enabled on this server... so again i'll need to push on the IT to configure it. I think it will be easier to forget direct integration and create a file (like ppt or puclisher in readonly) with relevant urls depicted as a dashboard.