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Hey guys,

a customer of us is planning to utilize Teams Meeting Room devices for several conference rooms. That's great so far, but he has a special requirement. There are 3 conference rooms next to each other. Each room should be able to work on his own, but it is possible to enlarge the three rooms to a single big one.

Is it possible to link the three meeting room devices, or would it be mandatory to invite all three Teams Rooms to the same meeting? Would this even work?

I'm happy to read your ideas.

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Generally it's not going to work having 3 different Teams room systems operational in the same room, you would get feedback from the mics on one hearing the speakers from another etc. There's nothing built into the software to support this.


Two options I've used in the past


1. Have a professional room AV solution installed where you can press a button to connect all the speakers and mics to one device when the rooms are open. This would all be done by AV equipment, the TRS would just interface. Shure, BiAmp, Bose and Crestron would all probably offer this type of solution.


2. Overspec the equipment for the room where people are likely to present from, if its a large meeting room its likely to be more of a lecture than a roundtable.