Integration of a OneNote from a foreign tenant in teams as a guest

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Hi all,


I am guest member of the teams of another company and I work together with them in a OneNote (which is stored in their tenant). Now I want to integrate this OneNote as a tab in our teams (our tenant). Here I always get the failure message, that I don`t have access rights. Does anybody know if or how this could work?


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@Sophie_Bruehl Hi, I suppose you've already found the answer to this one, but in case you haven't. Now I don't use OneNote myself and I'm not sure about the process you've used, but it will not work trying to add this resource OneNote tab link in your home tenant team out of the box using "Add a tab OneNote".


The most seamless approach, considering sharing from the OneNote app itself using the default sharing experience prompt in O365 will require additional steps, I would simply go to the underlying SharePoint team site (to which you already have access using Open in SharePoint). There you can right-click on the Notebook to the left and "copy link". Go back to your own tenant and team and add that as a "Website" tab.


In case this is a special setup or something I would focus on getting a proper link to use (with sharing permissions) as you want this in your home tenant team.

I sure there are other ways too but this will work.