Installing Teams using 365 suite from Intune blocked in NL

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Hi There. In Intune we have a 365 app suite configured and assigned for all our devices. The suite has all the office apps enabled including Teams. This app was installing fine until approximately October 1th. After that date we noticed all installations of this suite are missing the Teams application and we can't get it to install using the 365 app suite. Reviewing the installation status in Intune for an affected device shows it's status is "Waiting for install status", "Pending install".


Using we enabled installation logging. In the installation log we noticed an entry "BlockedAppsByRegions" that has our country (NL) in the list. This sounds like the reason why it's not installed. Could this be related to the unbundling of Teams in EEA and Switzerland as described here?:


All information provided by MS states that for current customers nothing would change, only for new contracts so why is the installation of Teams being blocked by region as it seems? And how do i disable this blockage?

I have shared the logfile for anyone interrested:


How do we enable the installation of Teams from Intune in a supported way, still making use of the Intune build in 365 Application including Teams.

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Hi @Summa040,

The log file you provided shows that the installation of Teams is definitely being blocked by the BlockedAppsByRegions policy.

This policy is used to prevent the installation of specific apps in certain regions. In this case, Teams is being blocked in the Netherlands.

The reason for this block is definitely related to the unbundling of Teams in the EEA and Switzerland. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft must offer Teams as a separate product from Office 365 in the EEA and Switzerland.

I recommend that you contact Microsoft support to see if they can help you disable the BlockedAppsByRegions policy for your organization. They should be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information and guidance on resolving this issue.

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Hi Leon Pavesic, thanks for your reply.
I have just been on the phone with MS and they have confirmed that this is a known issue. In the 365 admin center this is logged under ID OP678085.


Title: Users may not see Microsoft Teams when installing Microsoft 365 or Office desktop apps in the EEA and Switzerland

User impact: Users may not see Microsoft Teams when installing Microsoft 365 or Office desktop apps in the EEA and Switzerland.

More info: Users who install Microsoft 365 or Office desktop apps on Windows devices located in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland may see that Microsoft Teams isn't installed.

Affected users can follow these steps to install Microsoft Teams separately:

Admins can follow these steps to install Microsoft Teams to devices across their environments:

Current status: We've identified an issue where Microsoft Teams isn't installed in new deployments of Microsoft 365 in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. We're developing an update for the Microsoft 365 Apps installer that will include Microsoft Teams for organizations that have a Microsoft Teams service plan in the affected regions. We anticipate the issue will be resolved by November 14, 2023. At our next communication update, we'll let you know about our progress developing the fix for the Microsoft 365 Apps installer.

Scope of impact: This event may impact users who attempt to install Microsoft 365 or Office desktop apps on Windows devices located in the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Next update by: Friday, October 6, 2023 at 12:00 AM GMT+2

@Summa040 Hello, we have the same issue in FRANCE since 10 of october unable to install Teams with O365 Suite published by INTUNE, Word, excel, etc..(I have tried different channel but it's the same issue). are installed but not Teams and in top of that the installation status in company portal is stuck on pending install.

What i don't understand: is Microsoft going to fix this for us or do we need to use the teams wide installer everywhere we enrolled the M365 apps for our customers? This is madness right?



What MS told me is that they will release a new installer that would fix the Teams issues

@Summa040yes it's crazy but I can't wait the MS patch, I deploy devices everyday via INTUNE, Office and Teams are mandatory so I decided to remove Teams from Office and deploy the program from Standalone teams-machine-wide installer to solve this problem.

It was the worst moment to block Teams installation when they are moving to next Teams major version update. It has no sense to block Teams when users are already using licences that are not affected by legal issues on EEA countries, which only affect to new licences.

I'm going to manually deploy new version by using instructions in this page:

But I haven't any information about how to configure detection and uninstall. I checked regedit but I haven't find any clue after installation. It seems it's some kind of Windows Store hybrid app, but it's not allowed to deploy as usual Windows Store app on Intune.

These are crazy days for IT enterprise admins. Thanks, Microsoft!

The built-in M365 Apps policy was never working well. It's always just stuck downloading in Company Portal and never finishes.
I decided to step away from that this summer, when I made my custom Win32 deployment that uses ODT, that works perfectly, even now.
Teams is not included, but it's fine because my detection script looks for the Office suite only, and not Teams.
All I had to do with this Teams change is that I packaged both new and classic Teams standalone, made it available for everyone, and done. :)
This issue is suddenly solved? Can anyone confirm?
Anyone to confirm, please? We configured separate installation package we need to know if we should remove it?
We have tested and all is working as before. We are installing the complete office suite including teams without problems.