Installing MS Teams on shared RDS Server 2019

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I'm having trouble getting Teams working correctly on a shared RDS, Server 2019 version 1809. I've been using this page as a guide -, have downloaded the 64bit Teams MSI from here and installed using the per machine option: msiexec /i <path_to_msi> /l*v <install_logfile_name> ALLUSER=1 ALLUSERS=1.


This details the situation whilst logged on as admin. After opening and signing into Teams with licensed O365 creds for the first time, once the application is closed it won't re-open again. Either a blank white window with MS Teams in the title bar opens or the Teams icon displays in the system tray and no window opens at all. Whilst this is happening dozens of teams.exe processes change between 'running' and 'suspended' in task manager. Troubleshooting led me to deleting the settings.json file from %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams, the app would then open correctly but the same scenario would occur after signing in. Further troubleshooting has led to enabling run as administrator on C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Teams\current\teams.exe. This completely resolves the problem for the admin user but any other user trying to launch Teams on the shared desktop is greeted with a UAC prompt.


I'd rather solve whatever it is i'm doing wrong rather than workaround running Teams as admin for all users. Any suggestions on how i can troubleshoot this further?

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exactly the same problem with me

@Alexk76 What I would suggest is:


Run Teams while something like Process Monitor runs so that you can find where the program tries to write and modify the folders/ registry permissions accordingly.  


Also, I'm not sure if that's a requirement anymore but did you switch TS mode using 'change user /install' before installing?




@Alexk76 we have the same situation exactly 
have you been able to solve this



The install parameter is incorrect.  need to use ALLUSERS and not the ALLUSER for shared RDS. 


IE:  msiexec /i "C:\PathtoMSIInstaller\Teams_windows_x64.msi" ALLUSERS=1

I had the same issue.
What I did on my end to make it work. (I have RD Session Host with roaming profiles)
I did the installation of Teams Wide installer - and it's working.