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My company bought a Huawei IdeaHub which includes an OPS to plug in, and I'd like to configure it for Teams Room. I think I manage everything in terms of account and room creation, but now I'm experiencing an issue after the installation.

The way I proceed is simple as I follow a step-by-step guide that I found online. Download the last version of the SRS deployment toolkit and install it, launch the recovery script with an elevated PowerShell, reset the system as asked by the script and that's it.

When it restarts, everything works fine, it opens the Skype account and I can start the first configuration. The issue here is that at the end I can't press finish cause I have this message: "To finish setting up, insert the room console into the dock".
I don't have anything else except the screen and the OPS. I manage to skip this with an XML configuration file.


Now I can connect my newly created account and test everything. The next issue that I have is when I want to try to call someone, I don't see cameras (mine or the person I call) but the mic works and my colleague can see and hear me and I have another message on top of the screen saying "the room display is unplugged. Plug it back for the best experience".


Now I'm stuck with that and can't properly use my screen for teams.


Sorry for the long post.

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This is working as-expected. You cannot use a non-certified device for Teams Rooms and the check you originally failed is how this is enforced. Using unsupported workarounds does not make this a supported configuration.

I recommend you visit the Teams Room section of the devices showcase at and purchase something that is supported and will work reliably.