Install application for every user in organization

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I publish a bot application in Teams Admin Center using an admin organization account.
By clicking the "Install for everyone" button, I install the application for every user in the organization.

After waiting a while, I saw the application existed in our apps in teams. For some users after 24 hours it worked without doing anything, With others, we could not mention the bot in conversations.

After 48 hours of waiting, it still doesn't work.

After logging out of teams and logging back in, it solves. [Desktop Teams]

An organization that installs the application cannot ask all users to log out, is there a way to resolve this?

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@hodaya273 What about having the users log off Windows or rebooting their machines?

You should be able to get the users to do that.

@Ed Woodrick 


The only thing that has helped users stuck in our organization is to log out from teams and log back in. Additionally, we tried turning off the computer and logging out of Windows, but it didn't work.


Our app worked properly for one user after 4 days after we purposefully didn't touch him to see how long it takes him to update.


It seems a long time to wait for an update, but at least there is a definite time when the application will work normally.

When will the application update with all users? Is there a way to find out how long it will take? Does it hold up in larger organizations?