Inspection App - Bug with Checklist Order

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Hi Everyone,


I am working on implementing the Inspection App to manage audits at a manufacturing facility, and have had some success setting up forms, checklists, locations etc.


While I'm quite happy with what I've seen so far, I've run into a bug with the Checklist Order where as soon as there are 10 or more checklist steps, the audit list will display in Step 1, Step 10, Step 11, Step 2, Step 3... order. 


This is troublesome for us because our audit checklists are grouped by sections (Personnel, Machine, Material, Method) and this bug causes the audit checklist flow to be lost. Here's an example:






Hopefully this can get fixed soon as otherwise this looks great!



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I am experiencing the same issue. This app has lots of potential if this simple bug could be addressed.

Bugs like this should be submitted in Application's github page via Issues - that way they might be fixed. Of course everyone (with skills) can take the project can go their own customizations to their own needs.
Thanks, for the suggestion. I submitted this as an issue for microsoft-teams-apps-inspection on GitHub.