Insights is not working

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Hi all


I've come to notice in the past couple of days that the insights tab which I added to all classrooms is not showing any data. Does anyone else have a similar issue? Or better, a solution?

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Is this a relatively new class as with all data of this nature it can take a while for it to trickle through.


The classes are approximately 10 days old, and I have been conducting classes for 8 days now. How long do you figure it'll take for the data to get through?
And yes, our college has 1000+ kids and 20 classrooms in total. Thats a lot of data.

Hi @Shishira ,


If Insights is confirmed as being turned on, which it is by default and it has been 14 days but I would give it 30 days then I would look to raise a case with Microsoft just to be sure we are not waiting for nothing.


I understand that it kicks in on active classes, so I presume we are looking to insights of classes that are actively in use.