Initiating a chat from an calendar event/invite, prior to meeting?

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Is there a way to make this happen or is there any discussion to make it possible?

I wish to initiate a chat with someone (or group of invitees) within my own organization prior to that meeting occurring. Obviously, any chat done within the meeting is retained in your chat groups, but I'd like the ability to do so prior to that meeting occurring - with it still being tied to the original event.


Please advise.


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Hello, what about this "Chat with participants" option?




@Andres Gorzelany - Yes, that appears to be the option. Where are you getting that dialogue box? I was looking on my desktop and you made me realize I should check via the mobile app - duh. Unfortunately, still to no avail. My options don’t look like your screen, so can you please advise where and how you’re getting the window you show? And just to clarify, that was on a meeting that hasn’t yet taken place, yeah?


Thank you so much for your initial reply. I’m hopeful you can teach me where to find it. 🤷🏻‍:male_sign:🤞🏼



Never mind, I found it via my desktop option. Duh, me - it was right there all this time. :pensive_face::grimacing_face::pensive_face:

Thank you so much for brining it to my attention! Have a wonderful weekend.
Sincerely appreciated.
Happy to hear you found it!