Information which called party has forwarded to the Call Queue.

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PSTN caller calls a teams user who forwards to an auto attendant, which is forwarded to a call queue and the call is forwarded to the agent via a call queue. In the teams call notification, the agent of the call queue only sees which call queue the call comes from, but not which user was originally called. This is important information for our receptionists. Is there a way to send this information along or to get it via API so that it can be displayed on a dashboard?
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As far as I know, this is not possible. I looked at some MS docs to see if this is highlighted anywhere but could find nothing. You could always log a support ticket with MS and ask them to confirm this though,

The MS support wasn't much of a help. I should try the API, but they don't expect this to work through Graph. 


This is really very annoying. Maybe there is a third party attendant console without direct routing that can do it ...

This is possible via a team call bot even if the call was previously answered by an auto attendant and then forwarded to the bot. Unfortunately, then it is not possible to use the Teams Call Queue, which breaks other features. Microsoft should include this in teams notification notification. There is a User Voice for this:

It prevents customers from using teams as their primary phone system.