Information barrier segments

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Does anyone know if or when info barrier block policies will be able to scope more than two segments? If  for example you have a group company and five child companies all within the same tenant and all child companies may not communicate with each other via teams but the group company is allowed to communicate will five child companies. At present I have tried to scope five segments but segment overlap is not allowed. Any ideas around this? Multi tenant is not an option at present

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Had a quick look on the M365 roadmap and there is no indication of any changes of this nature coming.
Thanks, it's a pity. May need to look at third party solutions
Hello, I implemented Information Barriers with similar requirements:

To do this :
1. Create six segments : Group, Entity1, Entity2, Entity3, Entity4, Entity5
2. Create 5 block policies based on the cmdlet below:
New-InformationBarrierPolicy -Name "IB Policy - Entity1" -AssignedSegment "Entity1" -SegmentsBlocked "Entity2","Entity3","Entity4","Entity5" -State "Inactive"#-State "active"
- Block-Entity1

You can have a block policy applied to one segment with more than 1 targeted segments