Indirect meeting invite with link?

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I'm running a webinar for everyone in my organisation, its pretty basic so many people won't attend, but i must extend the invite to all. How can i do this via email without literally invite everyone and clogging up calendars? I thought it would have been easy to distribute an invite using a simple link before the meeting has started, but i can't find any info on this anywhere? Quite frustrating really haha


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I know that if a meeting isn't in my calendar, then I don't go to the meeting.
People can always decline the meeting request. You may want to make sure that you don't request accept/deny, so your mailbox doesn't fill up.
Agreed, me too! Was just hoping there was a way have them put it in their calendars via a link, rather than making that choice for them
Why don't you use registration/webinar feature in Teams to let people sign up for your webinar? In that case you can send everybody a link to the registration page, and those who register will receive a calendar invitation. For more information: Or just google it :)
One way is what @Vadim_Dich says.
Another is to create a recurring meeting (so the link doesn't change), then forward the .ics file from calendar to all your organisation