Increase the number of pinned chats allowed

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I find pinning Chats in Teams to be a very handy feature.


However, I have about 12 people in my direct team, along with a manager and other individuals I chat with regularly...and, the limit in Teams is set to 15...which I have maxed out.


Is it possible to increase this number or to remove the limit completely?


15 seems a bit arbitrary.



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Hi @sammedley 


I don't know the reason for a limit, however if you want to make your suggestion so that the product group see it please use the feedback portal at

Hello! Actually, the same limit is on amount of pinned channels. It looks weird really! I'm an engineering manager who works with many chats everyday (like, 10+ new chats daily) and some of them are more important than others, but they flip around and it really makes me crazy. I know, that the golden rule is to "limit work in progress", but I don't want software to make this decision for me... So, I want to ask MS team as well: Please, remove the limit.

Hi @Anton_Yarkov . I found like half solution. You can add your contact to favorites, and if you change upper dropdown from chat to contacts , it will show you also the favorites .

Hello Steven,
It looks like there are many different posts in the feedback portal about this specific issue, with a lot of interest, but I haven't seen a response from MS to date. Do you know if it's being worked on?

Here Here! Please remove the limit.

agreed, please remove, or at least let us group contacts together in a pinned folder or something. I have multiple teams I work with. Each with multiple people. if there were a pinned folder for team A where I could drag the members into it and a folder for team B, that would be awesome.