Increase Teams license

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Hello everyone, i have question about Microsoft Teams license. 

According to this site, Teams (Free Edition) license capacity increased to 300 until June 30, 2021. 

But my organization teams license set to 100. Is it possible to upgrade our organization teams license to 300 for free? 

Thank you.

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Hi, it has nothing to do with licensing. It’s the meetings participants capacity that is increased.

@ChristianBergstrom So i can't assign teams license more than 100 people? Can you explain to me participants. Is it different than from licensed member?

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@sambuuyondon You can have as many licenses as you'd like, depending on your subscription.


You're confusing licensing (eligible to use the product) with Teams limits


Reach out to Microsoft sales to get more details regarding licensing.

i had purchased A1 for my school free, it was going well but suddenly teams was turned off
after turning it on, all license were taken and when i went to assign there were only 100 in total , i have students more than that, 
what should i do now?

Reach out to the partner providing you the subscription, Microsoft sales or where you purchased it.