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Hi Friends

I was conducting exams for my students on MS Teams;  its was one hour exam. during the exam one student got some power problem and machine got off. when the student tried to give the exam after rebooting machine, quiz responded attempt over.  Actually i have enabled on person one time quiz,  but  i have launched exam using teams quiz i don't know how to enable another attempt so that i can let the student to complete the exam.   i need help as early as possible as exam are approaching and  i am trying only mock exams.   if this feature not there yet,  development team need to think on this because it is really needed one. at lease i should have an option  student to resume ( i.e in case student exit the teams by mistake student should be able to continue the exam from where he / she left.


but urgently  i need a method to allow / retake the assessment in the same slot,  student should be given chance to re-take/ reattempt/ continue  exam

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Hi @mijawidnazir


For a quick solution you can uncheck the "One response per person" option and send the link again to that specific student.



For the other request there is not option so far, I suggest you vote for it in the User Voice, below the link of the request for that feature.



Hope this helps.


looks reasonable; thanks for the idea. but it will be appreciating if MS Developers give an option to select number of attempts 1,2,3,4,5,.....