Inconsistent Notification / activity entry on followed channels

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Hi! The last month (?) i have some trouble with channel notifications and missing entries in the activity tab. 


The contex:

- I get some messages i channels that i follow as notification and in the activity feed

- Then sometimes i do not get notification or updates in the activity feed from channels i follow. I just happen to see the channel having unread content. 


Anyone with similar issues?


Another perhaps related issue; I use Teams on several devices and the "read" sync is not good. 

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Known issue with the read sync. As for followed I haven't really seen an issue there, only thing I can say make sure you have the channel followed and not just favorited.

Is the read sync known issue documented somewhere that we can follow for updates?

It could be anywhere, I just know during AMA's at some point that it's been discussed as something being looked at improving.
This happens in channels i follow.