Incoming Webhooks giving an "Invalid webhook URL: Tenant verification failed for tenantID" error

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Hello, I am using the Teams incoming webhooks and recently I have been getting a 400 error status and an "Invalid webhook URL: Tenant verification failed for tenantID" message when trying to send messages to a teams channel. The tenantID is valid and I'm getting this error message intermittently i.e the messages are delivered to the channel once or twice but the third time the message doesn't get delivered and I get this error response. The frequency of sending messages is 3 messages/minute. 


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I have started receiving this error today as well - the last successful post was at 17:20 UTC from the system. It appears that it may have to do with the user-agent header. I was able to send one test message from PostMan @ 21:00 UTC with the user-agent header = PostmanRuntime/7.28.4 but now that is failing as well for the same reason as the system-generated Webhook posts.

This issue appears to be resolved for us as of today with no changes in our code base

And once again this is failing today - anyone have insight here?
I am also facing this error, can any one help?