Incoming video not showing for users who join the meeting after me.

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Hi all,


I have an unusual issue with Teams. When I join a meeting, I cannot see the incoming video of anyone who joins the meeting after me. It shows as the black background with the user's initials or profile picture as if their camera was switched off. I can see everyone who joined the meeting before me perfectly. Everyone else in the meeting can see everyone else's video feeds.


If I leave the meeting and rejoin it, I can see everyone's video feeds correctly.


This seems like a bug rather than a misconfiguration. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

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Very likely to be a bug in the Teams client application, assuming you are using the Teams desktop application. Clearing Teams cache might help.

Adil Yoosuf

Dear @Phil_Matthews ,

Did you ever resolve the issue or find the cause?



Sorry, I don't have a solution for you. The issue resolved itself with a Teams update.