Incoming call puts current call on hold

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Inbound Calls during a Call or Meeting place the current call on hold (even large meetings) creating a disruption. These inbound calls should be pushed to voicemail. Example: Large meeting is taking place, an attendee gets an inbound call, immediately places the entire meeting on hold/disrupts the presentation/starts hold music across all audio.


A "Resume" button will appear (because the call is on hold, which it should not be), but the Resume button is often either ineffective (repeatedly pressing "Resume" has no effect), or it just take a long time to have an effect (several seconds, making it seem like there is no effect).  Meanwhile, the people on the first call hear hold music.

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Will the meeting be placed on hold automatic when you get an incoming call or is it when you answer the incoming call during the meeting? 


It should work like this: When you are in a meeting or busy in a call and you get a second call you can select if you want to answer the second call or not. If you answer it your first call (or meeting) will be put on hold. If you don't answer the second call it will go to voicemail, you can also click the red deny button and it will go directly to voicemail.


If you want to you can set yourself as "Do Not Disturb" and calls will go directly to voicemail.


It is also possible to use Busy-on-Busy, the second caller will then get a busy signal if you are busy in a call or meeting.



Do you have the same experience with the Resume-button on other computers or if you use the Teams Web application ( 

@Linus Cansby:  Thanks for the reply.  I will pay more attention next time (it has happened twice in the past two days).  I believe it happens when I decline the call (or maybe it happens automatically as I am attempting to decline the new call to turn off the ringer in my ear).  In both cases, I did not take the incoming call; I had no intention of accepting the incoming call.  The incoming call was successfully deferred to voicemail, but the active call was put on hold, with the non-responsive "Resume" button on the screen.


I am not using the web app; I'm just using the app installed on my PC.

Note that if you click anywhere except on the red hang up button on the call toaster you will answer the call.



It could also be settings or bug in software for your headset. Make sure that your software for the headset is up to date and that the firmware is the latest. One example:

@Linus Cansby Thanks. I'm using a Jabra head set.  I went into the settings for the headset, and notices an "Auto reject call" setting. I checked that.  Not sure if that puts it into voicemail, or just rejects the call.  Hopefully the former.  Not exactly what you suggested, but rejecting a call is better than dropping a call I am already on.


I will check back in here if that does not work.  Thanks!

@MN-552 Were you able to resolve this? Any luck finding a good solution? 


I had to send all incoming calls to voicemail directly.  So, when I am in a meeting, I no longer am able to see incoming calls.  That fixes the problem, albeit in a less than optimal way, as I would like to see who is trying to contact me, even during a call/meeting.

@Linus Cansby my company has noticed this issue today. Some with headsets using the softphone on their computer, some without headsets that are using a handset (Yealink T56A). I haven't figured out what's going on or what's changed. I haven't made any config changes in the past week, so I'm not sure what is going on. I have googled around and this seems to be the only thread about it. 

I do have the same issue, that incoming calls get automatically accepted (while the other one is put to hold). I'm also using a Jabra headset (Evolve 75e).

I have been having the same problem.  Any solution yet?  I am trying to adjust by changing the settings to have incoming calls 'not' go to Voicemail, but 'Do nothing'. (which isn't ideal) I am also using a Jabra Headset and have it connected to both my Phone and PC, with Teams installed on both.  I wonder if this may be part of the issue?  Any solutions yet on your end? @mcgomez  @Linus Cansby

@KM2900 I enabled "Busy on Busy (Busy Options)" (which you have to do with powershell), which then enabled voicemail on busy and haven't had an issue since.

Thanks....I'll give that a try.
Same issue here. Given the other replies, I'm pretty sure it's a bug with the Jabra Evolve headset.



Had same problem with Windows 11, Teams and Jabra Evolve 65.

Solved it by removing the headphone and all! audio devices from device manager. After reboot and reconnecting Jabra bluetooth everything worked great again.

So I have this issue currently and been testing with our support team. This behavior occurs with me when I...:

  • Am logged in on Teams, both on my computer and my phone (Android) 
  • Am connected via Bluetooth with my Jabra Evolve2 65 to both my computer and my phone

If I log off Teams on my phone I don't have the issue, if I disable Bluetooth on my phone (i.e. disconnect the headset from the phone) I also don't have the issue.


Funny thing is, the problem seems to be caused somehow by the phone, but all calls are happening on the computer, including the call that is being connected automatically and putting the other call on hold.


So it seems to be some kind of combination between the headset, the Teams software and the phone. I guess this is going to be either solved by mistake with a future update, or it's going to take a loooong time to get solved... 


@woutermeyers Have you found a solution? I have a similar issue with a Jabra Headset which is connected via Bluetooth to both Windows PC and Android Phone.  If I am on a phone call on my phone and the PC wants to play a ding or sound because of an email, popup etc, it tells the headset to put the call on hold so I can cheerfully listen to a ding.  I cannot resume the call. Very annoying...
other Jabra forums have suggested I pair to Windows via a Bluetooth dongle of some description and not use the internal WIndows Bluetooth, and make sure the Jabra firmware is up to date.  I am about to try this.

I have this problem too, have had for months, likely years. I've always used my Jabra Evolve2 65 with the Jabra Link 380 USB dongle on Windows, bluetooth on my Android/ Samsung S21 Ultra. So using the dongle makes no difference in my experience.

As others say, making sure the headset is not connected before accepting a Teams call on the PC works, either disable bluetooth or disconnect the headset from the phone. But if the headset is connected, I'm wasting at least a good 10 seconds to the caller while I spam the "Resume" button to no avail.

Should be easy to reproduce.