Incoming Call Notification Dialog Box Sometimes Does Not Appear

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I'm getting reports that some incoming calls are being missed, because even though their Android device is ringing, there is no dialog box to accept or decline. This is coming from several users in at our company. I have reproduced the issue with 2 test devices. However, it's so intermittent, you could make 40 calls and never see it.  Some reports are external calls to Teams number and others are Teams to Teams. I have also heard a few reports of this happening on the Desktop App. 


I've scoured through KBs, message boards and other sites and see that this seems to be a "BUG" that's been around for quite some time. Interestingly enough, these Android devices have the latest version of Teams that just came out. 


I do have a ticket open with Premier support, but wondering if anyone else is seeing this currently. 

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Hi @Darksabre  There's a Uservoice item for this - you may want to vote for it: Incoming Call Notification / Dialog not always appearing – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


You might also want to look at the best response in the prior post: Incomming call notifications failing - Microsoft Tech Community


Hope this helps a little.