Inbound PSTN call puts Teams Meeting on Hold

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Our CIO is experiencing the following... When he is in a Teams meeting and receives a call on his PSTN number, the meeting is automatically put on hold, without any intervention.  He needs to decline the inbound call on his mobile device and click Resume to get the meeting back online.  So the inbound call rings the client and puts the Meeting on holdHe is using Windows 10 Teams client.


Is there an auto-answer setting for teams PSTN call somewhere?

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@Linus Cansby, any suggestions?



I haven't seen this issue but the recent "new Meeting experience" option seen in Settings seems to be causing some strange reported behaviour. Is this turned on?






Hi @BLarke

I would say that this is not regular behavior. If user is on a meeting and there is another call coming to the user it should not interrupt the current call. It should just ring. Unless there is something setup on the headset like auto-answer function. 

Another way around would be setup calling policy on the user which would block another inbound call and provide busy tone to the caller. Your CIO would then receive simply missed call notification. 

I am also waiting for some alternate routing possibilities than just send busy tone...voicemail or secretary would be perfect.