Inbound and outbound call flow in teams

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I am looking for inbound and outbound call flow in teams.

Teams to PSTN/Mobile call flow
Teams to teams internal call flow

Also looking for troubleshooting steps for outbound call issue/incoming call issue from pstn/mobile.

Pls share any article link for the same.
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Hello Therese,

This Article is Good, do we have any Deep Dive videos that can help us more.
Some Time Reading an article From Internet is very lanthy.

Yes,good article.


Hi @Anurag1311 This video is from one of our Teams community events, Commsverse.  I haven't watched it but the title seems to indicate your subject: Designing Microsoft Teams Call Flows in a complex Global Organisation - YouTube

Sure let me have a look
Thanks for your Support
I need your one more small help, do you have any Video or any Document that give the deep dive Sign in process of teams for the different device (Like PC, Mobile, Guest Client)

I am searching for the same for a very long time but I haven't found any good article