In Files tab getting Prefetch failure error

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Everything else is working on the Team site. Just the files tab is showing attached error. Prefetch failure, System.IO.FileNotFoundException

The user is a member of the Teams site




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If you see the "Prefetch Error" message next to your email account in Nimble, it means that we are unable to connect to your email account to sync messages. We've included steps below to troubleshoot and connect your email account to Nimble.
If emails are still syncing properly from your connected email account to Nimble, a "prefetch error" message might sometimes appear for IMAP/Office 365 accounts when you have a vast amount of emails in your Inbox folder, and is not an issue. If you move some of these emails to your Archive folder, this message should disappear.

If you are using IMAP or Office 365 email and new messages are not syncing to Nimble, select "Refresh" on the connected account in your Settings >> Networks & Imports screen to try and reconnect.

If this does not work, select "Edit" to type in your username and password combination to reconnect.

If you are connected to the "IMAP" option and entered server details into Nimble when you connected the account, you may also need to verify with your IT admin or email provider that those details are still correct.

Rachel Gomez

@njagg785 Likes to be a network problem that's blocking one of the Office 365 IP required network addresses Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges - Microsoft 365 Enterprise | Microsoft Learn


Can you connect to a different network that doesn't have restrictions ?



This is for Teams Files not email

Thank you. Other people in the same office do not have the same issue. We haven't blocked anything at the firewall level. Plus her issue is happening at home as well

@njagg785 Windows firewall ?


Is it the same using Teams in the browser?



Yes its happening in the browser as well

They are on Macbooks. Its happening at home and in the office. We tried on browsers on Windows machines as well

@njagg785 I think from your other comments this is happening on multiple machines and multiple networks. Are there any exceptions where it does work? Is it just one site or all of them?


For some reason your users are not able to access SharePoint that provides the files tab to Teams, but the error message is far from helpful. You might see something more useful if you could browse to the SharePoint url for the specific site, look in SharePoint admin to find the URL. I'm hoping that you would see a more relevant error message. This would certainly show if some change had been made to SharePoint permission to remove the Team from access.


It could also be worth looking in the sign-in logs for these users in Azure AD, perhaps there is a Conditional Access policy that has been created that is blocking SharePoint, in their log it would show which policy was preventing access.

Did you solve it?
I can confirm this is happening to 1 team (so far?) in my tenant too.
Team members cannot load the files tab- team owners can!
trying to add a new document library tab in the team also does not work.

Having the same issue.

Have been invited by a new team a moment ago and cannot access the files tab, resulting in the prefetch error @njagg785 has already shown.


All my other teams work properly. It's just this team.


MS Teams on macOS

MS Teams on Windows 11

MS Teams in Microsoft Edge Browser

MS Teams on iphone - on iPhone I don't get the error message, but I don't see any content there my colleagues already posted.


In the "General" tab the initiator of the team made a text post and attached a video file (mp4). I can see his text, but I cannot access the video file. It states I don't have the rights to access.


Just to point it out:

- I am a member of the team

- tried on different devices

- Teams works properly on all other teams


Should the owner of the team throw me out of it and reinvite me to see what's happening?


Thanks for any assistance!





i have here a user with the same problem and tried the following options and tried the options in this message above


- reset password of the user

- clear cache in the different browsers

- open in private window


i'm will only try clear the cache of teams maybe will that help.



i have a workaround of this problem,

when u can do, is make the owener of that team and let the user click on files in teams and then u can make him member of that team.


I think from your different remarks this is occurring on numerous machines and various organizations. Are there any special cases where it takes care of business? Is it only one site or every one of them?

For reasons unknown your clients can't get to SharePoint that gives the documents tab to Groups, however the blunder message is not even close to supportive. You could see something more valuable if you would peruse to the SharePoint url for the particular site, search in SharePoint administrator to track down the URL. I'm trusting that you would see a more important blunder message. This would positively show assuming some change had been made to SharePoint authorization to eliminate the Group from access.

It could likewise merit thoroughly searching in the sign-in logs for these clients in Purplish blue Promotion, maybe there is a Contingent Access strategy that has been made that is impeding SharePoint, in their log it would show which strategy was forestalling access.

I had the same problem. I had created a cross-tenant document for a partner. The login to work with our organization in teams worked (chat, etc.). However, access to files was denied (Prefetch Error...).
In our environment we have in the SP Admin under "Policies - Sharing"
Limit external sharing by domain enabled. The partner’s domain was missing from the list. After registering the domain, access to files within teams worked.


I know I just joined but I am having an issue.

I purchased this desktop refurbished and am not sure why I can't connect.

my keyboard and mouse work, they are Bluetooth. I am missing something, just not 

sure what it is.

I have no Bluetooth icon in the action center.

I am not able to connect my speaker and game controller.

i need help 


please let me know if you know  someone would know what is up

thank you for your time