In a meeting - answering another call - am I still in the meeting?

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Hi! Today I joined a meeting with 100 participants. The meeting was recorded. Just as thee meeting was about to end (after an hour), I got a call from a group chat with some colleagues, and I answered that call (in the top right corner of my screen). I forgot all about the meeting until 5 hour later, when I heard a sound of a finished call or ended meeting, and a window popped up saying something about an ended call or meeting. I cannot find a log that says when I left the meeting, but in the meeting chat it says that the meeting ended after 5 hours 5 minutes, which indicates that the meeting lasted until my conversation was ended automaticly by Teams, mabye..? In the chat log, i the same dialogue that tells that the meeting was ended, the recording from the meeting is available, but this recording matches with the time the meeting lasted, and stoppes when the host stopped talking. The meeting was a live sending from a "studio".

My question: did I put the meeting on hold when I answered the group call? Is there a possibility that I went back to the meeting later, without knowing, when that group call ended? And that the next four hours of my day was recorded? When I joined the meeting at the start, I had both my camera and mic turned off, but I changed that when joining the group call. Is there any way to see a log of my activities so I could put this to rest...? :)

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Hello, that was a long one. I will answer the subject! If you're already on a call/meeting and jump into another the current will automatically be put on hold.
Thanks! Do you know if i automatically will return to the first meeting, when the person who called me hangs up? Or do I need to take an active step to do so?
As the other call is put on hold you'll need to select "Resume".