Improvement to Teams across tenancies

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Working with teams on one tenancy is stable/ reliable.


Working with teams across tenancies needs serious improvement in my opinion (and many I spoke with), especially for supplier companies that deal with multiple accounts across client tenancies (think Microsoft Partners etc)


Instead of changing the tenant /organisation directory at the top, can Microsoft build a one screen that has a feed of all tenancies in it? This will help someone being reachable/online on all tenancies simultaneously. Even if it is just for chats (not Teams Files), it will help.


Alternatively maybe there is the possibility of adding a feature to hide specific list of Guest accounts (not all Guest accounts) from the directory list? Hence this way only External accounts will show for those to the sender and messages will not be lost.


At the moment we are experiencing a situation where clients send us messages from their tenancy across either of the accounts, and it won't be 'received'.

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Those are all common complaints, and have been acknowledged by Microsoft. The sort-term solution, or at least a part of it, will be "shared channels", which will expand the cross-tenant collaboration capabilities. Long-term, a new client is being developed, hopefully they actually deliver on multi-tenant/multi-account scenarios, as promised.

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Thanks Vasil

Any new solutions to this yet? I've identified three options which unfortunately do not work for my organization.


1. Applying an exchange address book policy, which would mean they wouldn't come up when searching, but could still be sent messages directly by using full email. But then they wouldn't appear in the exchange GAL which our organization uses to find people.

2.Disable guest access in teams. People would be unable to add guests to teams groups which we need for some users. An all off or all on does not work.

3. Information barriers to block all communication between the users. This will not work because we want some guest accounts to be able to access but we don't want guest accounts to show up in the search because our organizations are external to each other. It also requires A5.