Images uploaded through teams convert to PNG's upon download

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Hi all,


I'm having an issue on teams, where images uploaded from a mobile phone (.jpg's) download on a computer as .png 's  .  When I open them in Photoshop I get the error that's attached.  I've gone manually through file explorer and renamed the extension on the downloaed image back to .jpg and that solves the problem.  But this is a major issue for my team, as one of our primary uses for teams was to be sending images from phones into chats to be downloaded and edited...  Any tips?


I have tried:

Manually changing the image handing settings in teams to upload full-size images (this does result in a full-size image, but still has a filename change) 


Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!  Thank You.

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That's odd. Seems like a bug to me. I would submit a support ticket.

As a work around, since Teams is attached to SharePoint libraries you can use the OneDrive App to upload your photos. You can quickly take photos as well using the app where you can upload them to a channel folder for access into Teams.
I am a Teacher and I have to download each photo manually. And after downloading I have to change the file extention from .png to .jpg.
I'd really like MS Teams to check for the correct fileextention in the first place.
For me it's bigger issue as a web developer. The file is not "converted" rather than just renamed, thus ending with wrong extension. To fix this I have to rename every single downloaded file accordingly to original name.

I've reported this bug directly to MS Teams developers team through our paid support and their reply was: "It's not a bug, it's defined by design of the app. We recommend to use UserVoice to suggest the change.". I've posted to UserVoice, but I still think it's a bug.