Images renamed upon download

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A colleague sent me a bunch of images for use in a project. I notice that the files are renamed when downloaded.

E.g. Name_Name.output.jpg gets downloaded as MicrosoftTeams-image (n).png


Not ideal. Bug?

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It sort of depends how they were added to Teams. If you just drop an image into a chat it's stored alongside the message, and you absolutely could find elements of the image have been changed, name, maybe resolution. If your colleague uploaded the images to the Files section first, they would be treated as files and remain identical to the originals.

@Steven Collier 


Thanks for your reply. The images were uploaded as attachments. They actually show up with the correct filenames in the preview UI in Teams. It's only when downloaded that the names are replaced.

@twingate Exact same problem here, very disruptive to workflow of sharing files in chat to actually work with those files / attachments. Workaround appears to be to switch over to the files tab and download from there, though now I'm noticing many things missing from the Files tab, so that workaround has stopped working for me.

Hope this gets fixed!

And it appears that not only is the file name changing, but the file itself is being changed – worse quality and larger file size.