Images in messages can only be opened once

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I've had this issue for quite a while in the desktop app. Images in chat messages show up as thumbnails/previews, and can be opened in a larger view (within the Teams app) by clicking on them. However for me, this only works once: closing the image view then clicking another thumbnail (doesn't have to be the same image) just blanks the chat view, with no image popup. The chat is then unusable until I switch away to a different chat and back to the first. At this point images can be opened, but again this only works once before I have to switch chats to "fix" it. Is there a workaround for this issue?

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I have a similar problem. The image may not open on the first click either though....haven't found a pattern to it. Clicking on the image leads to an empty chat screen. I have to click on a different chat, then go back and click the image again. This may lead to the same outcome. If I do that maybe 4 or 5 times I'll eventually see the image, but it appears random.
Ha, now I'm trying it again and it's blanking every time. So yeah maybe it's random. Very frustrating

Seems to work OK in a pop-out chat window, so that's my workaround for now. Hope this gets fixed as we use screenshots in messages quite frequently.

@AlistairWick You're right, that does seem to work fine in pop-out. Thanks, handy workaround until it's sorted.