Images from Sharepoint not Displaying in Teams

Chris Campanile
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I've created a Flow which takes items from a Sharepoint List and creates a message sent to a Teams channel by Webhook. The message is based on the Actionable Message type.

The connection works, but images hosted on OneDrive or on Sharepoint don't show up. Images from external websites (like TimyPulse from the sample) do work. image from post here

Anyone know what I need to do to be able to show images?

Other questions/issues:

  1. On Android app, the content of my first section is trucated.
  2. On Android app, each section of the message is a swipe-able card.
  3. On Android app, Link in Activity Subtitle works, but link in text doesnt.
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Solution was to put images in a Picture Library in Sharepoint. This folder is Public.
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