If a Project created in TEAMS Where is the data stored?

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Guys,  I couldn't find "x" project created in TEAMs on any sharepoint list.  Does anyone know where the Project data (created in TEAMs)  stored?  






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Can you clarify what you have created and are looking for? Is it a file, a list, something else?
If you created something within a team it should be in the SharePoint site for most parts. If it’s a list you can find the list by going to the SharePoint site and select “site content” at the cogwheel. You can also use the Microsoft Lists app or find it by adding an existing list when adding a lists tab in a channel of the team


My goal is to be able to connect PowerBI to this data so I can find out who is the new person added (comparing resource in this project with an AD group). I just can't find the project created in project app in TEAMs unlike PWA. Here are what I did. I created an "x" channel in a private group. I created a "y" project under this channel using Project App. Project is just like any other project it has task, assigned to and start and finish date. Upon going to SharePoint and look upder "x" channel, I see none list. I would expect to see list or something so I can consume data from PowerBI. Currently, I just exported to excel and pointed from PowerBI to that excel which is time consuming.
I wish I could connect to the data directly.
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@adam deltinger, I found that the data sits on  https://project.microsoft.com/en-us/#/taskgrid?projectId=xxxxxxx. The question is how do I consume this data as I tried but I still couldn't connect via powerbi. Is there a certain format to consume data from project.microsoft? if you know kindly show url example. Thanks in advance.