Identifying Updated Planner Tasks in Teams

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Hello -


I recently started using Tasks by Planner/To Do in MS Teams about a month ago. When I first started using it, if another user made a change to a task, the next time I opened the Plan, the task would be gray. Now, I just get a pop-up that states how many tasks have changed. But, there's no indication of which tasks changed.


Is this a bug or is there some setting that needs to be changed? Is there a way to identify updated tasks?


These two discussions reference the functionality I'm referring to:


I'm using the 32-bit MS Teams desktop client on Windows 10.


Thank you!

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Unfortunately Planner only notifies you when a task is assigned to you, when that task is completed and when you have coming/late tasks. For your scenario you might consider to create a Power Automate Flow to send a notification when a Task is updated

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Hello - I'm not asking for a notification (as in email). I was asking about an indicator when you access the plan. Previously, updated tasks would appear gray. Now they don't.


What happens now is that I get a pop-up stating how many tasks have changed (not really helpful). But, I also just noticed that changed tasks appear outlined in dark blue, as long as you don't leave the plan. This is somewhat helpful and what I'm looking for. Ideally, this indicator would stay until you opened the task.