Identify Member accounts converted from Guests

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Is there a way to identify guest accounts that have been converted to member accounts?

A unknown number accounts have been created as guests and then later converted to member accounts (They have been renamed so no obvious way to tell)
The issue we face is that we have shared channels enabled in teams and are randomly hitting the issue "Guests - including those converted to members (in their user type property) - can't be added to a shared channel."

Looking at all attributes via get-csonlineuser between one of the accounts in question and a regular account _ there is no obvious difference 

We are trying to understand the scale of the issue hence the question.
So a way using PowerShell would be ideal 

Thanks for any help

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Look at their Azure AD attributes, in particular the Identities property, as well as Creation Type/Invitation state. This article has more info:

Hi @Alistair Keay 


To complete Vasil's answer, you can check the Azure AD audit logs to check who changes the UserType attribute and for which users.